BROT - Bread and Roll. The perfect combination of German and South African quality...

What makes our company unique is the fact that we offer typical German bread in South Africa, which we bake fresh for you in our local shops.

We primarily focus on bread which offers a high health and wellness standard, like for example six-grain bread, Nordlaender, rye and spelt bread, as well as other whole grain bread.

In addition to this we produce and offer local and international pastries, made from fresh in traditional high-class quality.

Examples out of these product range are for example:

  • Sandwiches
  • filled Croissants
  • German Pretzel
  • Turkish Börek with Spinach- and Feta-Filling
  • Lye rolls
  • Cupcakes
  • various cake specialties
  • and many more...

    All fresh from the oven to delight your senses - so: Enjoy and smaaklike ete!